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The Institute of HealthCare Assessment, Inc. (IHCA) is an independent research center created to provide an appropriate blend of business organization, with an experienced research staff, and qualified Investigators. IHCA has formed an alliance with experienced clinical investigators to provide the organizational structure, staff and facilities for these physicians to better meet the demands of clinical research.
IHCA is committed to meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical sponsor. From the initial submission of regulatory documentation and budget development, through enrollment, data clarification and study closure, IHCA will facilitate a rapid response to any request. The private status of IHCA allows the use of a central IRB, thus shortening the regulatory approval process. The independent nature of IHCA expedites aspects of administrative study start up and budget approval. The dedicated research facility eliminates the potential for scheduling conflicts with non-research patients, and an experienced full time research staff allows full concentration on the demands of the study, without the distraction of non-research job responsibilities. IHCA provides comprehensive project planning. Subject visit requirements are projected to determine the optimum rate at which subjects may be entered without creating a conflict with staff or facility capabilities. Whenever possible study specific source documents which integrate Case Report Form data points with specific protocol instructions on procedural methodologies and sequencing are utilized. Study tracking documents, enrollment logs, drug accountability forms and subject compliance evaluations are also developed and utilized.

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