How our Paid Medical Studies Work

New Treatments. New Possibilities.

Join an FDA Clinical Study and Get COMPENSATED!

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Be part of advancing medicine and qualify to participate in one of our FDA approved clinical studies. As a qualified study participant, you will receive compensation for time and travel while receiving quality medical care. It’s convenient, easy, and available right now.

How to get started on a Clinical Trial

When you join a clinical trial, you’re giving yourself and others new possibilities and ultimately help contribute to finding new treatments. 

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Contact Us Today

Pre-qualification process takes less than 10 minutes. An informed consent will be provided which includes a full overview of the study and possible side effects. Each participant can withdraw from the study any time and there is absolutely no pressure to join. 

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Free Medical Consultation

When you pass the pre-qualification process, you will be invited to our clinic for medical consultation, free physical exam, and blood/urine tests.

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No Special Requirements

No medical insurance is needed. All you need to do is meet the inclusion/exclusion criteria to join one of our studies. 

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You get PAID

All qualified participants will be compensated even if you fail the screening visit. Compensation varies from study to study. At our clinic, snacks and food are available for visits that take longer to complete. 

What you should know about our Clinical Trials…

The clinical trials conducted at IHCA are monitored by experienced licensed doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. Each trial is approved by the FDA and Institutional Review Board (IRBs). Once you become a participant, you will receive a free investigational product that is currently not available in the market. 

Being a qualified participant, you will receive compensation for your time and many other great benefits such as the following: